Get ready for Intercrosse!

14 07 2013

Dear all,

We are now one week away form the 2013 Intercrosse Events!

We would like to share to you some further details regarging your arrival.

1. Arrival

We will welcome you from 16h to 18h45 at the halls on friday 19 for the World Cup and from 16h to 18h30 on tuesday 23 for the World Games. All the logisitical details (accomdation, meals and schedule, etc.) will be communicate to you there.

Adress: 683-787 Rue Robert Schuman (Gym name: Ges Cosec) or with your GPS: 46.683985,5.5641

If you think you will not be able to arrive on these time frame, please contact us (see point 3).

2. Ceremonies

The World cup opening ceremony will start at 19h45, at Puits Salé (8 minutes from the halls).

The World Games opening ceremony will start at 19h30, at Juraparc center (we have to take a bus form the Gym, meeting at 19h in the halls)

2. Contact details

To inform us on your venue and get a contact phone number, please contact us on this adress:

3. Logisitical information.

Don’t forget to bring a flag of your country (120×180 cm) and swimming pool shirt to enjoy the aquatic center facilities.

4.Important informations from the FIIC

See below the last reminder from the FIIC (previous article)

5. Communication and live stream.

As you may have noticed, we changed a little bit the pages of this website. For people that want to get informed on the results, we will regurlay provide you updates on this website (page « results live stream »). Also, we opened facebook pages to enable people to share their feelings, pictures and local atmosphere.

World Cup :

World Games :

We are all looking forward to meeting you in Lons in one week!

The Organising comitee


Important information and reminder

14 07 2013

Dear friends,
Time is running and we are just a few weeks from the beginning of our annual events in Lons-le-Saunier. Here are some important information and reminders for you and the members of your delegations:
1. Insurance:
The organization will have civil liability insurance for the sport venue where the games will be played. However, it is the responsibility of each player to be properly covered by medical/travel insurance, which will cover medical services or theft, in case such a situation would arise.
2. Equipment:
As usual, white shorts are mandatory for the World Games. Hats (baseball caps or others) are also prohibited during the games. The players’ equipment must respect the standards as stated in the FIIC official rulebook.
3. Present at the World Games:
To pursue the tradition, presents will be exchanged between players at the end of the last game. The present should be representative of the player’s nation and have a value between 10 and 20 Euros, as much as possible.
4. Rules:
The official FIIC rulebook will be used at the World Cup and the World Games. I invite all the participants to take the time to read (again) the rulebook at least once before the events; even if we play regularly, it’s always good to refresh our memory with the official rules. The rulebook can be downloaded from the FIIC’s website ( or directly from this link:
5. Referees:
For the World Cup, a team of experienced referees has been put in place. All these referees are serious, skilled and committed to provide a fair and high-level or refereeing. However, refereed are humans and they will make mistakes, as all the players will; but let’s not forget that without referees there would be no competition and we expect absolute respect from the participants towards the referees, in and out the playing areas. During the games, only the captain or the coach can talk to the referees and only when the ball is « dead » or when the play is stopped. The referees will be under the supervision of the referee-in-chief (myself). For the World Games, the referees will be choosen among the teams, like for the past years.
6. Discipline committee:​​
A discipline committee will be formed with the referee-in-chief, a member of the FIIC board of directors and a member of the organizing committee. The discipline committee’s mandate will be to get together and make fair and appropriate decisions concerning any issue that require their attention (violence, cheating, alcohol or drug intoxication, etc.).
7. Security, alcohol and drugs:
Despite all the efforts that will be done by the organization to ensure the security of the participants, it is everyone’s responsibility to be vigilent and make sure that people can have a good time while not compromizing their or others’ safety (especially the minors). Alcohol is part of the parties and the tradition, but we must remain alert for abuse or intoxication. And of course, drugs of any kind are strictly prohibited at any place for the duration of the events. The organizers received the instruction not to hesitate to call an ambulance or request appropriate medical assistance whenever necessary (in doubt, we will take no chance — nobody is qualified to make a medical diagnostic).
8. Flags :To forget to bring a flag of your country/nation in Lons-le-Saunier. The size of the flag should be 120 x 180 cm.
I will publish this information on the FIIC’s Facebook page, but please pass it on to the members of your respective delegations that will come to France so we can be sure that everyone gets it. And do not hesitate to contact me or any other board member if you have any comment or question.
Looking forward to see you all in France for the celebration of our wonderful sport! 🙂
Best regards,

Martin Cloutier
Fédération Internationale d’Inter-Crosse

World Games’s cooking!

21 04 2013

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Complementary informations about accomodation…

17 04 2013

As some of you may have seen and asked, there is some bungalows available on the camping. Unfortunately they are only available from saturday to saturday.

However, it is possible to bring your camping car. One site include either a car or a camping car.

Also, as it explain on the accomodation page, we offer the possibility to book for you the accomodation. But you can also book on your own if you prefer.

The organising comitee

15th April

1 04 2013

We’re two weeks away from the deadline to make a first registration payment for your delegation at the World Cup and World Games. Are you ready?

For more informations, please visit the registration section .

The O.C

Let’s go !

24 03 2013

We are happy to confirm that both women’s and men’s competitions will take place at the 2013 FIIC World Cup next July in Lons-le-Saunier, France, with the following teams:

Women: Canada/Québec, Czech Republic, France, Germany.
Men: Canada/Québec, Czech Republic, France, Italy.

Thank you teams for your registration. More informations in the next weeks notably about 2nd deposit

See you .


Pictures of the sport halls…and more

9 03 2013

Here is some pictures of the two brand new (2010) sport halls with terraces where the games will take places and the aquatic center nearby.

GES int 2.lnk

COSEC int.lnk